Building, Electrical, Engineering Contractor Since 1985


Souza Construction Inc. is a growing construction business, striving ever forward to become a premier general contractor.

From our beginning as a “one-man show”, until our present state as a “multi-faceted” team, one thing has remained constant, a commitment to customer service.

It is this commitment that has helped Souza Construction Inc. nearly double its sales every year for the last four years.

We firmly believe that it will be this continuing commitment that will assist us in continuing this phenomenal growth pattern. Essential to this excellent service are our capabilities as a builder and a business.

Building, Electrical, Engineering Contractor Since 1985


Souza Construction Inc. has committed itself to recruiting and training leaders in both the construction and professional world. Assembling a team of this caliber is not a quick or simple process, but requires diligent research, highly refined discernment, and continuous assessment. However, it is just this level of commitment and attention to detail that sets us apart.

Souza Construction Inc. has made this our primary goal: understanding our customers and their needs, utilizing excellence in the field and in administration, and combining this with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction; this is Souza Construction Inc.


" Souza Construction...the only BOA contractor to meet our requirements... "
- M.K. Carlock, Commanding Officer MCRC, Alameda

"It is a pleasure to work with (such) a highly skilled, sensitive, flexible and quality oriented company..."
- Jack Vance, COR, Sequoia National Park

"Souza Construction's level of Quality Control was outstanding in all aspects...CQC Manager superbly coordinated work...maintained an excellent working relationship with the ROICC...pricing of extra work was fair and reasonable...no re-work..."
- Larry Directo, Supervisory Engineer, ROICC SFBAY

"Souza Construction has been a very professional and reliable contractor in the performance of this contract by safety, providing the Navy with an outstanding end product."
- Ken Thomas, Contracting Officer, Reno, NV.

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